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RACE PIMPING | The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism


Amazon best-selling author and syndicated radio host Kevin Jackson does it again. His latest book, Race-Pimping exposes the tactics of the Left to fleece America.

Race-pimping has cost America TRILLIONS of dollars, as there is fantastic amounts of money in guilt. Politicians line their pockets and those of family and friends, while delivering little to nothing to their constituents or the community at large.

Called the “valedictorian of the graduating class of political pundits” and “the most fearless man in politics”, Jackson tackles the race-pimping head on. As with all Jackson’s books, the lesson is in the comedy, and Race-Pimping reads like a “shamwow” commercial.

Jesse Jackson

As early as 1982 Jackson launched a boycott of Anheuser-Busch because it purportedly did not have enough black-owned distributorships nationwide. The beer company eventually contributed $510,000 to Jackson and established a $10 million fund to help blacks buy distributorships. When Jackson’s two sons (Yusef and Jonathan) purchased a River North distributorship in Chicago for an estimated $30 million, Jackson dropped the boycott and became the company’s best friend.

Al Sharpton

Anheuser-Busch gave him six figures, Colgate-Palmolive shelled out $50,000 and Macy’s and Pfizer have contributed thousands to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s charity.

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters got $12 million for a bank while her husband was on the board at the bank. You try doing that and staying out of jail!

Marc Lamont Hill

Without Race-Pimping, Marc Lamont Hill would be an unknown professor at some Historically Black College. Race-Pimping built Hill’s career, and it can build yours too!

Charlie Rangel

You want to own tenements and not be called a slum lord? Better yet, how about you not pay taxes on the tenements, because you claim them as a campaign office?

Eric Holder

Wonder how you can run a gangster organization within the Federal government and not go to jail? Race-Pimping can do better than that, as we can help you retire and get a multi-million dollar payday in your next gig.

Barack Obama

Do I really need to explain this one!?

Chris Matthews

If you’re white, don’t be discouraged. Chris Matthews has managed to extend his career by getting in touch with his inner race-pimp. Had it not been for tactics explained Race-Pimping, Chris Matthews would be announcing high-school football games!

About the Author

Kevin Jackson is a nationally recognized rising star among young conservative thinkers, writers, and political commentators. A Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Kevin is a highly sought-after speaker who offers a rare blend of intellect and humor.

Kevin is a syndicated radio host on Salem Radio Networks out of Tampa, FL and Sarasota, FL, and he weaves years of business acumen and personal experiences with the politics of the day, all with comedic flair. Kevin reaches over 2M in radio and print weekly.

Discover Kevin’s podcast, articles, events, movies, and comedy tour at


Discover Kevin’s podcast, articles, events, movies, and comedy tour at THE KEVIN JACKSON NETWORK

Using rapier wit and hilarity, Kevin Jackson provides a much needed insight into the black moral high ground from Republicans, and he exposes the widely overlooked history of Democrat racism past and present. Kevin challenges Republicans to reconsider how to take the fight to Democrats and gain America back. The BIG Black Lie is a must in the collection of all conservatives.

A fast-rising star among political pundits puts his comedic spin on the ironies and hypocrisies of politics in America. Sexy Brilliance is not another historical narrative, but more of an observational journey; an attempt to widen your perspective, and show what is happening today that continues to steal your imagination, dreams, and ambitions.